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Product Development

Do you know the steps we follow in the product development process?


Idea Submission

It’s the product development phase where you develop product ideas according to customers’ requirements, concept testing.



Evaluation & Idea Screening

The second step in product development is evaluation and Idea screening. The purpose of idea generation is to create a large pool of ideas. The purpose of this stage is to pare these down to those that are genuinely worth pursuing.



Business Analysis

The business analysis includes all the investments you need for product development. This also establishes any associated costs once you launch the product and the variables required.




At this point of the new product development process, your product is ready to become a prototype or the first version of a product.

You will have a tangible model of the product, and once again you will put it to test. It is safe to say that the whole process holds a trial and error approach. 

Based on the reviews you can apply some improvements and tweaks to your prototype. Your product should reach its best, possible, form before it is ready for the next step.




Comprehensive testing of the final product takes place to evaluate the robustness of the design and its ability to meet customer and performance requirements.



Validation & Approval


Validation takes place against the customer needs that have been identified at the ideation stage. Collateral is finalised and prepared to support the manufacture and launch phase.




At this stage, mass production of the product begins and it is then delivered to the customer, finalising the product development process.





The new product becomes part of our company’s portfolio. Ongoing product management ensures the product is subject to continuous upgrades and improvement.

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