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IoT-PLUG is a device based on Sigfox communication that allows to control devices connected to it. Through internal sensors it can detect a disconnection from the main power source and also if a load or device has been connected to its female connector.

Allows you to turn off or turn on the power to the device connected to it, temporarily (15s) or permanently.

Detects opening or closing by means of a dry contact sensor.


  • Remote on and off of electrical appliances

  • Detects if it has been disconnected from the power source. Generate an event. (Last Gasp)

  • Detects if there is a charge on its female contact. Generate an event.

  • Detects through a dry contact sensor, opening and closing generating an event.

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Technical Specifications:


Module Name: IoT-PLUG II External antenna

Technology: Sigfox RCZ2/4

Antenna: External, multiband, 3m long, SMA
Dimensions: 108 x 66.68 x 32 mm

Power Supply voltage: AC 100-240 50/60HZ
Surge Protection: 517V max, 1.2kA Surge
Current detection: from 60 mA/h

Internal relay: 10 A maximum load
Temperature: -20~60℃

Consumption: 5W
Relative Humidity %RH: 40 – 90

Reset Duration: 15 seconds

Report Frequency: every 11 minutes


  • Internal Temperature Sensor

  • Input for Dry Contact Sensor



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