About us:


We design and manufacture hardware for the data network, positioning ourselves as a Partner in solutions for operators in Mexico and Latam.


Our business partners are in the various processes in the industry, transportation, livestock, logistics, agriculture, among others.

We have a production line, but also partners in Mexico and China to produce massive amounts of devices with certified companies.

  • 1-14 layer production capacity

  • ISO9001,UL,IPC Class 2,ROHS...

  • System integration services

Our commitment


 With our line products we implement and support the telemetry and management solutions of the systems you require. Resolving the needs of the processes of your type of business (industry, transport, livestock, logistics, agriculture, among others).

With our tailor-made technological solutions we address the challenges your business is facing. Solvent your needs and requirements in an integral way, in terms of engineering, budget and time.We can help you to solve your needs inside and outside the national territory.


  • Iot Robotics


  • Hardware para IOT


  • Internet de las cosas


  • IOT Robotix


  • Internet of Things

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